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Skinner Street, Bury St Edmunds

Skinner Street is used as a service road for the town’s central shops, just as Upper Baxter Street and St Andrews Street South are. The alternative is waste being left and collected from the front of the Traverse and Buttermarket premises.

The Borough Council is not the only provider of waste services in the town, and so there are different waste bins used. This makes co-ordinating either their appearance or collection day difficult. In any case businesses may not wish (or have room) to keep the bins inside on non-collection days.

A bin ‘compound’ has been suggested, but even if different providers could be expected to use this, where would it be located in the street without being an eyesore? – after all, people don’t just want to look at each end of Skinner St, but to walk through it.

Plastic bags have also been suggested instead of bins. Again, this would not necessarily suit private collectors nor the businesses themselves. There could also be a hygiene risk, something The Bury Society are already worried about.

What could be done is for traders to keep their bins neatly against the rear wall of the premises and ensure they do not overflow. They could also keep their rear exterior walls well decorated, if they are prepared to meet the cost of this. Suffolk County Council could certainly improve the lighting.

If you have any other ideas, please let me know, via @CllrPaulFarmer.

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